UK Wants Probe Over Drug War In The Philippines

The United Kingdom’s minister for Asia Pacific, Alok Sharma, raised concern over the rising death toll associated with the war on drugs in the Philippines and urged the government to conduct proper investigations on the issue.

British Ambassador to the Philippines Asif Ahmed and Minister for Asia-Pacific Alok Sharma discuss UK-Philippines trade relations, prosperity, and security. Sharma was in Manila from December 3 to 7. (Photo: British Embassy)

“Our view, which I expressed, is that the best way of dealing with this is through investigations which are intelligence-based with the view of cutting of supply of both funds and narcotics,” the senior British diplomat said in a video released by the British Embassy in Manila.

More than 2,000 individuals were killed by police in five months in violent police operations, while nearly 3,000 suspected drug personalities have also been killed by unknown assailants.

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