Reflections on Mary Mediatrix of All Grace by Father David Joseph Clay

1. Up till now I have received a response from only one Bishop, who said, “Rome questioned the important persons” or should I say “the important persons were questioned, viz, Teresing, Archbishop Versoza, Bishop Obviar, the Prioress, before the condemnation of Archbishop Vagnozzi in 1951 came as a result of the findings.

My question again is where is the evidence of the interviews? There is evidence they weren’t questioned. I know the reasons for the condemnation of Archbishop Vagnozzi etc.

My question is: What is meant by “Rome”? Or who were representing “Rome” here?

2. By the way, I heard there was a recent meeting of Bishops where the support for the findings in Lipa as supernatural was split.

Amazing! Especially when the evidence for the support is very clear in 3 books, the 1992 book of June Keithley, the 1998 book of Archbishop Gaviola and the recent 2015 book of Rene C. de Jesus.

3. Two weeks ago a good lady friend told me what Fr. English, the Redemptorist who translated the English Dictionary into Tagalog, revealed to her: “One day in late 1994, Fr English went after mass in Baclaran to the residence of Teresing in Paranaque, who was assisting Fr English in his translating work. He was very surprised to see many rose petals all over the stairs leading to the second floor of Teresing’s house.”

Were they not signs of Mary’s encounter with Teresing. Encounters with Mary by Teresing in the 90’s are mentioned in the book of Rene C. de Jesus. Does Pope Francis know this?

4. Again can Pope Francis explain why A D. Vagnozzi was allowed to condemn the happenings in Lipa without even talking to Archbishop Vagnozzi, Bishop Obviar, who believed in the supernatural happenings in their own Archdiocese?

Again why did the A D (Papal nuncio) of Akita and Buenos Aires, not interfere with the Bishops of their dioceses? The Bishops there announced to their people and to the world the events in their diocese as supernatural. Does Pope Francis know this?

5. I recommend again all interested in the happenings in Lipa in the 40’s, read the 2015 book of Rene C. de Jesus called, Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace (A Journey of Suffering and Holiness Carmel of Lipa). It’s available in the Catholic Book Store in Lipa and I think in CBCP Compound; Lipa, the book of June Keithley and the Reflection, the booklet of Archbishop Gaviola may not be easily available.

6. On January 23, 1949, Archbishop Versoza and Bishop Obviar lay the cornerstone for the future chapel of Our Lady of Mediatrix of All Grace. But on January 23, 1950 Archbishop Versoza was relieved of his administration of the Archdiocese of Lipa, retired to Vigan and replaced by Msgr Rufus Santos and auxiliary Bishop Obviar was also relieved and appointed to Lucena. Then under the authority of the new Archbishop Santos, a commission was formed to investigate the events of Lipa.


I have five questions: if the investigation wasn’t even yet started, why were Archbishop Versoza and Auxiliary Bishop Obviar relieved of their post in Lipa? For what reason and by whose authority? Who did not like/believe what had happened and was happening in Lipa? And who knew better in what was happening in Lipa than Archbishop Versoza and Bp Obviar. Does Pope Francis know the truth?

Director on Pastoral Services, Missionary Society of St. Columban

For love of God and Country.