Writing down the history of the Catholic Herald cannot elude the life of Antonio “Tony” Medina. Before he passed away, he was the brain and the engine behind the publication. He was the publisher, editor, writer, reporter, a one-man machinery who planned, organized and published monthly issues for his readers.

Tony was born on November 13, 1945 in Uson, Masbate, where he grew up and spent his youth. After the EDSA people power that ousted Marcos and seated Cory in Presidency. Tony was appointed vice-governor of Masbate.

He eventually moved to BF Homes, Paranaque in 1995 with his family & has lived there ever since. It was there where he became a member of the Knights of Columbus of the Resurrection parish and became one of the very few male members of the Legion of Mary. Every day he was a mainstay in a few fast food chains in the village where he had daily discussions or debates with other residents.

There were something in Tony that always made him restless. He could not understand why people did not take a stand on the more important issues in the country and in the church like the random killings of drug peddlers and users and generally about Duterte and other political news here and abroad. “You are a Christian; a Catholic, you must defend your faith and stand with the Catholic Church” he often asserted. He found a vacuum in people’s thirst & hunger for the truth as well as for guidance and enlightenment. The homilies which more often linger on churchy concerns remain wanting in forwardness and content. Church goers for him showed numbness to the real issues of the country and community. This was what drove Tony’s mission to find answers and solutions.

In his eagerness to multiply his efforts, he started a radio program in the Veritas Radio with Father Vic Robles of the Divine Mercy Shrine and Fr. Ed Pacete, a former social action “activist” of the Diocese of San Jose De Antigue. They tackled issues in the Church and the social concerns in the country as well. As the radio program was not enough, Tony eventually organized a small group of friends that gave birth to a Catholic Newspaper they call The Philippine Catholic Herald. All of them shared similar feelings about current issues and event.

In the seeming silence and passivity of the church, he found some people with the same eye and ear for the things that he found relevant and important.

Today the new brain behind the Herald are a mixture of the past and the present. This time through social media the Herald will reach more people and more readers. With God’s help, the Herald will live on and continue the legacy and dream of Tony Medina.

Fr. Ed Pacete
Former social Action Dictator of the Diocese of San Jose De Antigue; Former Acting Parish Priest at Resurrection of Our Lord Parish (2009); Project Director of Kapampanga Development Foundation (1993)